Search Engine Optimization

As technology grows exponentially year over year, the nature of business is always changing. Today, Google owns about 40% of global traffic. Our mission is to help businesses take advantage of online traffic by ranking on the first page of Google for the keywords or “search terms” that potential customers are searching.

If your website does not rank #1 on Google for the search terms your potential customers are using, you could be losing up to 60% of business to your competitors. There are plenty of other digital marketing agencies out there and many of them offer Search Engine Optimization.

What sets Slide First SEO apart is that we specialize in SEO. It is the only service that we provide and we have had great success with businesses from all types of niches and different cities. The fact is, Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of technical knowledge about websites and how search engines read them and determine where to put them in the rankings. We have years of data on websites and ranking factors that few people in the world know about and can even understand.