I vividly remember wondering how in the world I was going to make money online about 13 months ago. I had just graduated from University in with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and I was working as a marketing specialist for the biggest manufacturer of furniture in the world. Given that I was only 21 years old yet extremely ambitious and aggressive, I wasn’t paid the amount of money that I wanted to make as I entered the work force. I made a decision that I was going to learn how to make money online in my pajamas in my off time.

When I was introduced to the lucrative world of digital marketing and specifically ranking on the top of the first page of Google, I instantly saw the light bulb. After seeing it, I still needed to figure out how exactly was I going to make this money. After tens of thousands of hours of learning and researching the top SEO’s and digital marketers, I started to take action.

I finally had a solid understanding of what it takes to make money online. It was hard at first to find businesses that wanted to pay my company to do their digital marketing and especially search engine optimization. Eventually, people started to pay attention to my company and me as I started to make triple the money I make as a sales representative for the number one manufacturer of furniture in the world.

My website https://slidefirst.com/ now ranks on the first page for Miramar SEO, #1 for Miramar SEO Expert, and #3 for Miami’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency and we have plenty more rankings that get us brand new traffic every single month for FREE!!!!! The point of this entire story was to show that it can be very scary getting into the online world and trusting a Digital Marketing Agency to provide an ROI. Needless to say, I have at least a 3X ROI on every dollar I spent on search engine optimization and ranking on Google for the services my company provides in the cities that it serves.

I truly hope that I have convinced you that it is possible to make money online and get free organic traffic every single month instead of or at least as a supplement to the Google Ads that you are bidding on. So if you want to make enough money so that you and your family never have to work again, head over to the Discovery Form and fill out as much information possible so that we can get you a customized website analysis. You can also email us at admin@slidefirst.com or call 888-972-9868.

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